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Little Gators

Little Gators is Back starting September 15th!  

Tuesday's from 6-7pm

Little Gators Walk In Clinics -under the Select Level of clinics, we also offer something called "Little Gators".  Little Gators is for the newest and youngest of players (usually age 4-10).  These players might sometimes be a little quiet or shy, or have sensitive arms from passing a regular volleyball.  The coaches that run Little Gators are fun, interactive, and bring out the best of the Little ones until they are ready for the next Level.  We have the softest of balls available until they graduate to a Volley Lite.

NEW: Little Gators is Back, we are holding Little Gators on Tue nights from 6-7pm.  No registration required, just show up a few minutes early to sign in and come ready to have some fun.

Coming Soon To Little Gators:

  • Little Gators League:  Currently on hold due to covid 19.  We will email everyone once registration for the league opens up.  In the mean time, try our little gators on tuesday nights from 6-7pm.  No registration required, just show up and come ready to play and have some fun. 
  •  Disney Themed Little Gators night.  Currently on hold due to covid 19.  Once a month we will have a Disney/Super Hero Themed Little Gators Night.  If you are on our distribution list, you will receive an Special Invitation for these Special Events. 

Disney/Super Hero Character Night:  Get your costumes ready, once a month we are holding a Little Gators dress as your favorite Disney or Super Hero Character night.  Players and Parents will be treated to a fun hour of Volleyball, Disney Themed Music, and Treats followed by a Costume Contest with Medals for everyone that come dressed in a costume (parents you are welcome to dress up as well).  If you are on our email list, you will receive an special invite each month with more details.