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If you are new to club and have questions, click "here" for more information. 

If you attended tryouts elsewhere and didn't make the team you wanted or still looking for a club to call home? 

If so, we have a few openings left. 

  After our initial round of tryouts, we have the following positions still available for the 2020/21 Club Season:

If you want to schedule a tryout for any of the open positions listed below, email us at . Make sure you include the players name, age and dob, height, position, and desired team.  

  • 18 Elite: Coach Rene and Marguerite Roster is complete.
  • 17 Elite: Coach Marguerite and tbd-Roster is complete.
  • 17 Premier Coach Theresa and Coach Lexi:  3 Openings-Looking for an Outside Hitter, Middle Blocker, and a Right-side. 
  • 16 Elite: Coach Norma and tbd-Roster is complete.  
  • 15 Elite:  Coach Alberto and Coach Gabby-Roster is complete. 
  • 15 Premier: Coach Abbie and Coach Maddie-Looking for an Outside Hitter, MB, or Right Side. 
  • 15 Showcase: Coach Erika and tbd-Looking for an Outside Hitter, MB, or Right Side
  • 15 Gold: Coach Gilberto and Coach tbd-Roster is Complete
  • 14 Elite (as 13's, this team qualified for jr nationals this past season): Coach Desi and Coach Dewalt-1 Opening-Looking for a Special Outside Hitter, Middle Blocker, or a Big Lefty to Play Right-Side.  
  • 14 Premier: Coach Shannon and Coach Loi: Roster is Complete.  
  • 14 Gold: - Roster is Complete. 
  • 14 Silver: 3 Openings-Looking for a Setter, Outside, Middle Blocker, and Right Side.
  • 13 Elite: Coach Alan and Coach Marina-Roster is Complete.
  • 13 Premier Coach Mason:  Roster is Complete.
  • 13 Showcase Coach Michael Carroll : 3 Openings  
  • 13 Gold Coach Mel: Roster is Complete.
  • 12 Elite: Coach Mac and Coach Papich-1 Opening-Looking for a Outside, Middle, or Right-side. 
  • 12 Premier: Coach Rene-Roster is Complete.
  • 12 Gold: Coach Rachel Vega-Roster is Complete.
  • 11 Elite: Coach Jared and Coach Christina-Roster is complete.  

If you want to schedule a private tryout for any of the open positions listed above, email us at or text me at 210-262-5611.  Make sure you include the players name, current age and dob, height, desired position, and desired team (national traveling team or regional non traveling team). 

To schedule a private evaluation or discuss playing club volleyball with sa magic,  text us at 210-262-5611 or send an email to . Please include the players name, age, date of birth,  position, and parent contact info.


Why Play for Magic?

  1. Magic Players receive a 25% discount to our camps and clinics from day of commitment to May 1st 2021
  2. All Training and Team Practices at the same time and  location (no changing of location from week to week).
  3. Uniform includes knee pads, shorts, game jersey, practice shirts, warm up tops/bottoms, and back pack.
  4. Easy Payment Plans with down payment and monthly installments.  

Great training, the magic family!

  Come see what all of the "NEW" excitement is about!

If you are new to club and have questions,

 click "here" for more information. 

  • To Date: 4 National  Championships (14's USA, Two 15's USA, and One 15's National Championship).
  • To Date: Three 2nd Place/Silver Finishes at Jr. Nationals with our 18 Elite taking Silver in the Open Division (only the 2nd time a texas team has made it to the championship match in 18's open) in 2018.  
  • To Date: Three 3rd Place/Bronze Finishes at Jr. Nationals
  • In 2019: 9 of our 13 National teams qualified for the Tour of Texas
  • In 2019: 5 of our 13 National teams qualified for Jr. Nationals
  • 2019: Two of our Players were Named to the Under Armour All American Team (Kara McGhee Baylor Commit and Carolina Meuth Notre Dame Commit). 
  • In 2018: 3 of the 9 teams that qualified for Jr Nationals went on to medal at the 2018 USAV Jr. Nationals
  • In 2018: Our 18's Elite finished 2nd in the Nation in the Open Division.  Only other club in Texas to make the Championship Bracket in 18's Open is TAV (TAV Club is ranked 1st in the Nation). 
  • In 2018: 7 of our 9 Elite teams qualified for Jr Nationals
  • In 2018: 2 of our 4 Premier teams qualified for Jr Nationals (our 2nd 15's and 16's teams)
  • In 2018 1 of our 4 Showcase teams qualified for Jr Nationals (our 3rd 17's team)

Selection for SA Magic team is on a first come, first accepted basis.  The initial down payment is due at the time the player is offered a position with the club.  Please be prepared to make a commitment to the team once selected (the tryout fee, deposit and/or club fees are non refundable).