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Walk in Clinics

Revised Mask Policy

With the recent uptick in covid numbers, we strongly encourage players and parents to wear a mask but they are not required.  it will be up to the individual parent/guardian to decide what is best for their families circumstances.   

By agreeing to attend the event as a coach, athlete, spectator, or any other role, you are attending voluntarily and assuming your risks of exposure to COVID 19.  The event operators and facility are released of all liability claims by attendees related to the covid 19 virus.  

Questions, Info, and facts about our training:

  • Do i have to be a club member to attend the camps and clinics?   No.  You will probably find players from several of San Antonio's top clubs participating in our training.  Don't take our word for it, here is one a recent parent wrote about us "What we love most about Magic is that every kid who comes in is treated equal.  No matter what team they may be from, the training and tips are amazing to each individual player by all of the coaches.  So again, thank you for that!"
  • Do I have to sign up for or register in advance for your Walk In clinics? Nope.  All of the volleyball clinics found on our "Clinic Calendars" are on a walk-in basis.  There is no registration required, just show up a few minutes early to complete a one-time waiver and come ready to play  (you can also complete the waiver online before you arrive, click "here".)
  • What are Specialty camps?  Our specialty camps are held during the summer, holiday breaks, or special events.  They are usually multi-day camps, and do require the athlete to register and pay in advance of the camp.  If you are on our email distribution list, you will receive advance notice of our specialty camps.  
  • How do I know what clinic to attend?   Most of our training is broken out by Position (setting, defense, hitting, & serving) and by Skill Level.  We offer 4 levels of training, from the true beginner to the collegiate level athlete.   In addition to our position training, we also offer something called "Quick Games" which is an all skills type clinic with an emphasis on game like situations and something we call Little Gators for the youngest of players age 5-10.  For Little Gators we use special balls softer to the touch for their sensitive arms.  More info on the different levels we offer can be found below and if you still have questions, send an email to or call/text 210-262-5611
  • Where are the Clinics held? 13775 Higgins, 78217  


We offer 4 levels of training:

  • Select - For the player new to volleyball and/or with some experience.  Athletes may have played some organized volleyball in a rec league like YMCA/CYO.  This level provides the most instruction of the three levels and is usually the most cost effective.
    • Little Gators -under the Select Level of clinics, we also offer something called "Little Gators".  Little Gators is for the newest and youngest of players (usually age 4-10).  These players might sometimes be a little quiet or shy, or have sensitive arms from passing a regular volleyball.  The coaches that run Little Gators are fun, interactive, and bring out the best of the Little ones until they are ready for the next Level.  We have the softest of balls available until they graduate to a Volley Lite.  For more info on Little Gators, click "here". 
  • Club - For the Intermediate player with some club experience.  Players usually have several years of volleyball experience and are in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade.  This level provides players with instruction and correction along the way.
  • Premier - For the advance club player with several years of club ball.  Athletes are usually on the Freshman or JV team at their high school.  Players attending this level have a pretty good understanding of their position but still need the occasional coaching along the way. In this level athletes will be expected to keep up with the pace and skill level of all drills.
  • Elite - For the advanced high school player (on varsity) or college player (home for break).  Players in the Elite level are a seasoned players, knowledgeable in their position wanting some quality touches and occasional feedback to improve their game. 

*To see what clinics are available for each skill level, click on the calendar tabs below (i.e. select, club, premier, or elite),  Once you select one of the tabs a new page/calendar will appear with available clinics.

The Clinics are held at SA Magic located at  13775 Higgins, 78217

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